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When you learn a plant's name, its world opens up to you.

Get comfortable using the botanical names of plants! Learn an accepted standard of pronunciation and two easy patterns that make sense of confusing variations. Hear an example of how it works:
From the Introduction to "A Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names."

The Guide is a tutorial that explains features of botanical nomenclature, and instills scientific names in effortless, memorable drills on native and garden plants, trees and herbs. These patterns and a handful of rules also let you figure out how to pronounce other species names. Listen to samples of several kinds of drills:
Excerpts from the 3 Sections of "A Guide to Pronouncing Plant Names."

The Guide is based in part on data gleaned by listening to lectures of botanists, taxonomists, herbalists, naturalists and professional gardeners and how they say plant names. None of them use a Latin standard, and you'll hear why in this sample of authentic, first-century Roman pronunciation, included just for fun:
Roman Pronunciation of Botanic Names

Here is what the reviewers are saying:
" excellent introduction to the subject." - Wendy L. Applequist, PhD, Missouri Botanical Garden in HerbalGram magazine.

"Herb students and persnickety professionals alike will find peace [in the Guide]." - Anne de Courtenay, Editor, Journal of the American Herbalists Guild.

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